The Seven 04.07.16 (minus one)

Here they are seven six great articles I read this week that I though I would be kind enough to pass along to you, and your viewing pleasure. Enjoy…

  1. Parenting is hard especially nowadays…parents seem to get especially antsy these days when it comes to their children. In this article, Kevin DeYoung offers us four things parents need to quit freaking over.
  2. Does your kid play sports? We love our sports in America, but what happens when you begin to compromise your standards do your children can play ball? Jim Eliff examines that very question in this article.
  3. I have to admit I rather enjoy this guys podcast, he mostly discusses politics, but he always makes some interesting points…occasionally he will blog about or discuss religion, he is a Christian and a pretty conservative one from what I gather. This article by him on liberal Christians is worth the read,
  4. This article by Jared C. Wilson covers the troubling remarks made by “Pastor” Steven Furtick where he recently we so far as to proclaim that God broke His law for love, which is certainly not the case, but Pastor Wilson does a great job of explaining why this is not the case.
  5. If you feel like revisiting your breakfast, This video on the subject of humility ought to do the trick. Why? You may ask, well because the video stars none other than Mark Driscoll, a man who wouldn’t know the first thing about real Biblical humility. Watch at your own risk.
  6. And finally, this article by Dr. David Shrock addresses the actual place of miracles in a believer’s life and discusses remarks made by another false teacher, Bill Johnson that miracles are a normal part of the Christian life.

Until next week…thanks for reading…