The Seven (-1) 9.03.13

After a long Labor Day weekend  blissfully away from all forms of technology, I don’t have seven articles for you to read this week…however I have four interesting ones and two fantastic articles so let’s jump in shall we…that was a rhetorical question, of course we’ll start now.

seven1) First and foremost is this article by Pastor David Prince, it is by far and away one to THE best, if not best, article I’ve read on preaching Christ from the Scriptures in a while. It hits on so many levels, it’s fantastic…if you read no other articles on this list do NOT miss this one, it’s just that good. it’s called Preach Christ From The Gospels.

2) The second best article I read this week was by Pastor David Shrock. This article is about Creationism and four foundational truths found in one tiny verse, it’s called, The Goodness of Creation.

3) Speaking of creation,…the atheistic world of science, as i call it, struggles to find a good way to explain how we all got here. This past week came up with this crazy theory. Yes, you read that right, we’re all martians…while that does help explain Dennis Rodman, it just goes to show how far “science” will stoop to totally avoid any Biblical interpretation of our existence.

4) It’s a slippery slope when you stray from the clear teaching of scripture in anyway…but especially when you start bending it toward the prosperity Gospel. This video, a “teaching”? from Elevation church, shows how far down the path Steven Furtick has fallen…soon his transition to the dark side will be complete, actually he’s already there…just using any excuse to quote Star Wars because I’m that much of a geek. I have touched on the subject of the evils of teaching the prosperity gospel before, as well as having highlighted in past editions of ‘The Seven” that Jesus nowhere in the gospels mentions tithing.

5) So not to get too political, because, as Christians, our home is in heaven, and I really believe patriotism to be a distraction from the teaching of the gospel..nevertheless I do love this country, in spite of all it’s flaws…so I bring up the issue of the second amendment in a roundabout way by pointing that a Harvard study has now confirmed what any thinking person, or anyone who studies crime statistics (especially those in Chicago) could have already told you…There is absolutely no correlation between gun control laws and violent crime.

6) And to end on a lighter note…have you ever thought the phrase: “I am fond of potatoes” would make a good conversation starter? Me either…but this article in Mental Floss presents us with 5 ways to avoid being rude, according to 100 year old etiquette rules, suggests saying as much would be better than talking about the weather…which you have to admit, makes a good point.