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I just wanted to pass this video along to let you know what my old “friend” Rick Warren has been up to. Please watch the whole thing and pass it along. Thanks.






What Science Cannot Do


There is a strong difference between science and the humanities, including disciplines such as philosophy and theology.  Those who follow scientism (the belief that science alone is the highest human discipline) often seem to be very confused about how science cannot study, research, analyze, and then from that explain the who, what, when, where, and why of all of the physical world.

A great example, ironically from the atheist camp, illustrates this point.  In his book The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Bobby Henderson explains how global warming is a result of the decrease of the number of pirates on the planet.  He argues that because global temperatures have increased and the number of pirates have decreased over the same period of time, then they must have a causal relationship; viz. one made the other one happen.

Did you spot the major flaw in that argument?  How could it be even likely that fewer pirates have had that sort of impact?  Science can only show that global temperatures have gone up and the number of pirates have declined.  Science ends with the collection and presentation of data.  After that comes the need for chin-scratching, question-asking, and theory-creating.  Henderson comically leaps to the conclusion that these two pieces of data must be related, and therefore the solution is to recruit more people to become gold-hungry buccaneers in order to save the planet.

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News of Note: Friday 07.13.12

I saw a couple of interesting stories this week and I thought I’d pass them along to you.

A Wolf in Pastor’s Fashion Clothing

Ed Young Jr.may have a problem with Calvinists, but he has no issue living a lavish lifestyle, his Texas estate, including a 8000 SF house recently went on the market, and it’s a steal at $2.2 Million. This blog covers the story better than I can here.

Giving Them What They Want

After reading that story you may be wondering how churches like this are still around. This article on Chris Rosebrough site “Letter of Marque” may help explain it a little better.

Kirk Cameron Nails It on Marriage

…and the Liberals, both outside and inside the church, go crazy. Just read some of the comments, and feel free to add your own…contribute to the “conversation” 😉

Champion of Marriage: Kirk Cameron

You Only Think This Happens in Other Contries

Homeowner Jailed for Hosting Bible Study, until I saw this article I mistakenly thought Arizona was a conservative state.



Don’t Order a Whopper at McDonald’s

Some thoughts that sound rambling but aren’t really

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce…WAIT…that’s the wrong sandwich!

When I want a Whopper© I go to Burger King, and I do occasionally enjoy a Whopper©. When I crave a Big Mac© I go to McDonald’s, and I do occasionally crave a Big Mac©.  If I want good seafood, but I’m stuck in the mid-west…I choose something else instead, because you should never get seafood if you can’t see the sea. When I want a good steak I don’t bother going to Burger King or McDonald’s because they don’t serve steaks, and if they did, I still wouldn’t get the steak there because it’s not what they’re good at doing, they are good at making the Whopper© and Big Macs©.  If I wanted a Whopper© I wouldn’t go to McDonald’s…If I wanted a Big Mac I wouldn’t go to Burger King, although both have their own versions of each other’s signature sandwich they are still not as good as the original, if it is indeed the original sandwich you crave. (Side note: I will invent a burger for my invented burger chain and I will call it…The Original…patent pending.)

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The Gospel = Crazy Talk

I’ve shared the gospel maybe a few hundred times, but this past Sunday night something occurred to me in the middle of sharing the gospel with our youth group. The gospel sounds crazy. I’ve been going to church since nine months before I was born, I’ve grown up knowing about church stuff. But for a brief second I put myself in the shoes of some of those junior and senior high students who were staring back it me (quite politely too I may add) who may not have grown up in church and may not have heard any of the gospel before. The gospel sounds crazy…God had a son, with a virgin and his name was Jesus and he died for my sins, which apparently I have because of some guy name Adam and after he died he came back to life but now he lives in heaven and all I have to do is to trust him…what? Really it’s nuts if you think about it think about. I’m no stranger to hearing about a groups religious beliefs and thinking, “that’s crazy.” “Mormons believe what? That’s crazy” But really I can see now why faith in Christ is totally monergistic. There is no way I could believe without the Holy Spirit…it really is just too much for me to believe on my own. The Bible says that Christ is the author and perfector of our faith and with good reason…faith in the gospel…in a story that crazy, has to come from God. I know with everything that is in me the gospel is true and I know because I believe the Bible and I believe the Bible because the Holy Spirit has enabled me to do so. Some people believe that they can come to true faith of there own free will, but if that’s true than, frankly, you don’t need Christ to be saved…you just need determination. Furthermore, if that is true then Jesus was wrong when he said “I am the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father but through me.” Which is all the more reason I believe that saving faith comes from Christ alone, through faith alone, by grace alone, through scripture alone for the glory of God alone. I pray for those I know that don’t believe the gospel because while I know it’s part of my job as a christian to proclaim the gospel I can’t make anyone believe a story so crazy…and so true.

Mourning Christopher Hitchens

There was some sad news this morning with the reporting of the death of Christopher Hitchens. Even though Christopher was an atheist I still feel sorrow over his passing. While he was still alive there was hope, hope that our sovereign Lord would open Christopher’s eyes to the truth of the gospel. With his passing that hope has died, nevertheless God is sovereign. As far as we know Christopher died an enemy of God, but God does not rejoice at his passing

God does not delight in the death of the wicked.”(Ez. 18:23).

In fact, the Bible tells us that God desires that all men be saved and come to know the truth of the gospel (1 Tim. 2:4.) even though we do not fully see the reason why God does not allow some to be saved the Bible makes it clear that there is no wrong doing on God’s part in all this.

What shall we say then? Is there injustice on God’s part? By no means! For he says to Moses, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.” So then it depends not on human will or exertion,but on God, who has mercy.”(Rom. 9:14-16)

As I mentioned in my post “Pearls before Swine” we are wasting our time trying to convince the inconvincible, when we should be spending copious amounts of time in prayer, praying for those who are lost that the Holy Spirit would open their eyes to God’s saving grace. We should be praying that God would lead that person across our path so that we could somehow plant a seed or better still, help lead someone to Christ and his marvelous gift of grace.

Christopher Hitchens spent his life rejecting the gift of salvation and shaking his fist at God and all who believed in him, but it is altogether good and right that we mourn his passing and that we pray for his family and friends. And as Christians it should strengthen our resolve to be a witness everywhere we go and every chance we get, not because “it’s what a good Christian should do” but because of our heart that’s been changed so that we desire, as God does, that all be saved.

Pearls before Swine

 The Purpose of Parables and why we should stop debating with atheists

It’s no secret that Jesus spoke in parables. The commonly accepted reason among most evangelical pastors (and congregants for that matter) is that Jesus did this was to make the truths of heaven easier for the common man to understand. The common man was too dumb to understand the plain truths Jesus spoke so he told stories so they would understand these truths better. Many pastors use this as an excuse to pepper their sermons with personal illustrations and movie clips. I have even been guilty of this in the past. Don’t misunderstand me, I think that personal illustrations can be good from time to time to help make a point and they can help the redeemed understand Gods truth better. Just don’t use the old excuse “Jesus spoke in parables, so I should tell lots of stories for the unsaved to understand ” The real reason he spoke in parables though was actually to make it harder to understand for the unredeemed. Jesus explains this to the disciples when they ask him about it in Matthew 13: Continue reading