The Seven 7.9.13

Hello all, with  the holiday here in the US, you know the one…celebrating that we used to be a free country. I was away from the computer so I don’t have quite as much material as I usually do to work with…enjoy anyway.

seven1) As I mentioned in last weeks edition of The Seven if you want to see where America will be in ten years, look to England now. In jolly ol’ England (which while it’s not so jolly it is old) this past week a American street preacher was arrested and interrogated for hours for calling homosexuality a sin. You can read about it here. However we, in America,  may be closer to this than just hypothetical ten year time frame, as a California student was ordered to remove their cross necklace this past week by school officials.

2) I also watched a twitter battle erupt, (Twitter battle-it sounds as ominous as pillow fight or fluffy bunny tussle.) over whether or not we can know doctrine for sure. Of course we can be sure, the Bible is quite clear, unless you are one that likes to play post-modern word games to make words say what you want them to mean. You can read more about how we can know doctrine for sure here. I don’t always agree with this blog on some points especially eschatologically, (glad I’m writing this and not saying it, you try saying ‘especially eschatologically’ 3x fast) but on this post the author is spot on.

3) I’m convinced that given the state of the shows on TV today we’re only a few months away from having a TV show where we just laugh at homeless people. Here’s an interesting show coming to the Oxygen Network, (isn’t that Oprah’s network)  it’s called Preachers of L.A….no good can come of this.

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A Letter from a Hater

h8rCan I be totally honest with you for a minute?

I hate homosexuality

I hate gluttony

I hate lying

In fact, I hate sin of all forms period.

I hate sin…I hate to sin, and I hate to see others sin…but most of all I hate to see the sin within myself.

We live in a world that says: ”I’m okay, you’re okay.”

But I know…deep in my heart…




And besides that, saying: ”I’m okay, you’re okay.” Is the lowest form of a cop-out there is.

Some would bristle at the idea of my admitting that I hate homosexuality

Or lies.

Or gluttony

Or covetousness (that’s wanting someone elses stuff for those of you in the U.P.)

But the simple truth of the matter is I hate it…I hate the sin in me…I hate how my sin affects my family…I hate how others sin affects my family.

I hate it.

And I’m tired.

I’m tired of always guarding my thoughts

I’m tired of always guarding my motives.

The yoke of Christ is called easy and light doesn’t really always feel so easy…

Or light…

But maybe it’s not exactly supposed to…

Maybe the ease of the yoke of Christ lies in the rest OUR soul finds in knowing Him…and knowing that He works all things for the good of His purposes, even though it sure doesn’t seem like it sometimes and even though we can’t see it.

Maybe the ease of the yoke of Christ lies in the rest OUR soul finds in knowing that through Him, in spite of my current state of sin…I won’t always be that way…and that even now I am seen as righteous by God. And one day I will be made righteous indeed.

Maybe the frustration and anger I feel toward sin is what propels me to fight harder.

Maybe the frustration and anger I feel toward sin help keep my motives and my heart in check.

And maybe…

Just maybe…

This frustration and anger toward sin are exactly what I need right now.

The Seven 04.09.13

Seven Great Blog Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

seven1) Shai Linne who has long been one of my favorite Christian rappers, (his tune High Priest does a fantastic job of explaining the ancient Jewish ceremony on the Day of Atonement, which is a type and shadow of Christ’s crucifixion.) has dropped a new tune, Fal$e Teacher$,  not only is it worth a listen, the artist also does some serious name dropping exposing these false teachers. For a more comprehensive understanding of why he dropped the names he did, this post over at Here I Blog should help.

2) Speaking of False Teachers, if Shai Linne were to release to release a Fal$e Teacher$ part two, I’m sure Steven Furtick would make the list. In the last week his muzzle order form, under threat of legal action, that Elevation Church Cult has you sign as a volunteer is appalling, you can read this excellent blog post about it over at  FBC Jax Watchdogs. Secondly, lets face it, Furtick slept through his classes at SBTS, as evidenced here by this bone-headed tweet he sent out. ( I didn’t see it in person, or else I may have blogged on it, but The Furtick has me blocked on twitter, go figure.) But Erin Benziger did see it, and she does an  excellent job of breaking down the damnable error of his theology.

3) Homosexuality in the church is an issue that’s not going to go away. How do we respond as Christians to someone going through this sin? This article over at Ligonier does a great job of breaking it down.

4) Part of our problem with homosexuality is our failure to see sexual sin as a corporate matter as this post over at Desiring God explains.

5) If we trust the Bible as authoritative, the one notion that we can’t escape is the reality that faces everyone not found in Christ in eternity. The question remains though, does it please God to send people to hell? This article by Chris Roberts does a good job of explaining this.

6) As Christians it is our privilege to share the gospel with unbelievers, and believers alike, one element that is important is that we realize one thing we need to be is holy, check out this article by Terry Ivy as he breaks down this thought for us.

7) After reading the above article, I am sure some of you are saying, but we can’t contribute to our salvation, and this is true, but we certainly aren’t given to lawlessness either, it is a tough dichotomy, this video by Ligonier may be helpful.



The Five, December 4, 2012

Five Blog posts that are interesting and informative, that you might have missed this past week.

5It seems like a shameless self-promotion, but since I didn’t write the piece it can’t be so. This is an interesting article by a man who is now one of my colleagues here at DPS, Sheldon Clowdus…it’s a brilliant little reminder of how we should be growing Christ’s church.

Tim Challies came out with a good list of some new books you should check out soon, or give to people if you’re looking for present ideas for the avid book lover in your life. After all as the highly esteemed Dr. Albert Mohler would say: “Leader’s are readers.”

Advent started this past Sunday, so my timing on this could be off a little, but if you are looking for some good resources on Advent for your family or Small Group or Sunday School class, David Platt came out with an excellent list of some Advent resources you should check out.

Here is an interesting piece from my brother in Christ, Jared C. Wilson over at TGC, about the rest we as Christians find in Christ. it’s a short piece and well worth your time to read. Also be advised that the photo he used in the piece is hard to look at.

From time to time I have friends ask me different questions about where to find this or that in the Bible, I’m no great Bible scholar, but I do have stored in my head a collection of odd facts about the Bible, for instance, Did you know in the KJV of the Bible Unicorns are mentioned 9 times? Or that dinosaurs are found in the Bible. I had a friend ask me just this week the passage that mentions dinosaurs so I pointed him to my favorite resource on the subject of creation Answers in Genesis, after all if we don’t trust what God says in His word, what authority do we have to stand on as Christians.