Homosexuality vs. Gluttony

I took my small group through the study of judgment and judging others that I developed based off of yesterday’s blog post “Christian Jerks and Haters” and an excellent question was asked that I wasn’t exactly sure how to answer so I’m going to throw out the question for you the DPS audience in the form of a Theology Thursday question:

“How is the sin of gluttony any different from the sin of homosexuality? Biblically speaking since all sin is bad in God’s eyes”

The sin of gluttony is the single most overlooked sin, it’s brushed under the rug, not talked about…yet we expect Christians with homosexual leanings to cast off that sin…why are we not asking just as boldly to cast off the sin of gluttony?

I have my thoughts on this, which goes something like this: ”We should be asking Christians to throw off the sin of gluttony boldly and with love”

What are your thoughts?

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