The Seven 7.9.13

Hello all, with  the holiday here in the US, you know the one…celebrating that we used to be a free country. I was away from the computer so I don’t have quite as much material as I usually do to work with…enjoy anyway.

seven1) As I mentioned in last weeks edition of The Seven if you want to see where America will be in ten years, look to England now. In jolly ol’ England (which while it’s not so jolly it is old) this past week a American street preacher was arrested and interrogated for hours for calling homosexuality a sin. You can read about it here. However we, in America,  may be closer to this than just hypothetical ten year time frame, as a California student was ordered to remove their cross necklace this past week by school officials.

2) I also watched a twitter battle erupt, (Twitter battle-it sounds as ominous as pillow fight or fluffy bunny tussle.) over whether or not we can know doctrine for sure. Of course we can be sure, the Bible is quite clear, unless you are one that likes to play post-modern word games to make words say what you want them to mean. You can read more about how we can know doctrine for sure here. I don’t always agree with this blog on some points especially eschatologically, (glad I’m writing this and not saying it, you try saying ‘especially eschatologically’ 3x fast) but on this post the author is spot on.

3) I’m convinced that given the state of the shows on TV today we’re only a few months away from having a TV show where we just laugh at homeless people. Here’s an interesting show coming to the Oxygen Network, (isn’t that Oprah’s network)  it’s called Preachers of L.A….no good can come of this.

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