The Seven 04.02.13

Seven great Blog posts from this past week.

mag seven1) This post by Erin Benziger figuratively blew me away as it explores the rich, fullness of the doctrine of Sola Scriptura, it is a lengthy article but well-worth your time to read and bookmark, as you’ll want to reference it often.

2) I’ve been wrestling with the idea of jumping headlong back into more youth-oriented ministry at church…and this article by Greg Stier gives some compelling reasons why maybe you should consider doing so as well.

3) As I mentioned on last weeks edition of The Seven, the gay-marrige debate is being discussed by SCOTUS, here is a twin spin on the issue by TGC. The first article (When Did Idolatry Become Compatible with Christianity?)  is by a guy who is quickly becoming on of my favorite writers over there, Joe Carter. The second article (Why the Arguments for Gay Marriage Are Persuasive)  is by the ever thoughtful Kevin DeYoung.

4) The ever-so-brilliant Dr. Al Mohler adds his insight into the issue of gay-marriage in this article called Bracketing Morality — The Marginalization of Moral Argument in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate.

5) Of course the main issue in all this is sin, we, as humans, are born in a state of sin. Sin passed on to us because of Adams fall, but why is that? How does Adams sin affect us? This article over at Ligonier may be helpful answering that, it’s called: How is it just that all humanity is born into sin because of Adam’s fall? Continue reading


The Seven 3.12.13

Seven Great Blog Posts from this past week you may have missed.

71) Legalism is one of the plagues of the church, some people mistakenly think they can contribute something to their own salvation, or worse yet help save themselves, but how do you spot legalism? This article by Greg Stier may be of some help.

2) Being a Small Group leader I will sometimes get asked what the benefits of Small Groups are, and as per usual when I’m put on the spot my mind goes completely and totally blank. This list of 13 Reasons Why Small Groups are Vital to your Spiritual Growth will now serve as a handy reminder.

3) Being a Calvinist I sometimes get the question “If God is sovereign why bother with evangelization?” After composing myself from spewing my coffee all over the place, I attempt to answer the ridiculous question. As if Gods sovereignty somehow usurps our responsibilities as a Christian, This blog post via Clint Letterman is a good reminder of why we evangelize.

4) I was born and raised as a Southern Baptist…and the church I now attend is still, technically speaking, a Southern Baptist Church…I know the SBC has a lot of good things to offer through its various programs and what not, but I find myself feeling , to say the very least, conflicted over the current state of affairs in the SBC, the Calvinist witch-hunt notwithstanding. This article by JD Hall sums up my feelings in a similar fashion.

Continue reading

The Seven 2.19.13

Seven Great Blog posts you Almost Missed…but didn’t…Thanks to the Seven!

seven1) The first entry is from Mark over at Here I Blog…it’s called Pour yourself into the Church?

2) Our next entry is from Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries and is on a subject I’ve been stuck on myself lately, The Dangers of False Unity.

3) Guess who is going to be on Oprah’s Life-Class again, peddling his own Purpose-Driven™ Best life now, self-help Christless Christianity.

4) Ever find yourself asking yourself: “Self, what, exactly, is Calvinism?” I don’t, because I know what Calvinism is, and I don’t talk to myself, but if you were wondering find out here: What Is Calvinism? by Benjamin B. Warfield

5) Our own Dan Kassis has written an excellent blog piece over on his regular blog called: “The breath of God and the beginning of life” it is well worth your time to read.

6) As someone in my family asked me when I declared that I was, in fact, a Calvinist (another term for Biblical Christin) Are people predestined to go to Hell?” It’s an excellent question and here is a solid answer.How Willingly Do People Go to Hell?

7) I’m still waiting for your input in my post from last Thursday, come on folks lets share our experience. Situational Thursday: Real life, Real situations, Real church, How do you respond?

7a) Since I don’t normally steer people back to my own blog posts here on the Seven here is a bonus entry from fellow DPSer, John Broom who wonders:Why we follow pastors and teachers?”


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