The Seven 04.25.13

The DPS weekly round-up of all the great blog posts you might have missed.


1) What , exactly, does being a “traditional” Southern Baptist mean? This article may be of some help answering that…plus there is a bonus video at the end that’s good for a few laughs.

2) Catholicism vs. true christianity is a subject I’ve been harping on since the election of the new pope, or before, this article explores that same topic a little further.

3) Another topic that has been on my mind lately is money, specifically tithe, this post by Average Us looks at that issue a little closer.

4) With all the events unfolding in Boston last week, this article by Past and Present blog reminds us of the place suffering has in Christianity.

5) Speaking of the events unfolding in Boston…it is being reported that the two brothers who did this were involved with a “radical” Islamic sect…”radical”? Here is what Muslims are taught regarding how to “deal” with non-Muslims…were they being “radical” or devout? Answer…they were being devout.

6) If you are down does that make you a bad Christian? Here is some help answering that from Sinclair Ferguson.

7) Here’s some advice on how to raise Godly children from John Witherspoon–who is John Witherspoon you may ask? John Witherspoon was a Scottish Presbyterian pastor, President of Princeton, and signer of the Declaration of Independence, making him on of our founding fathers. After reading this blog post from him (well, not him per se…it’s Kevin DeYoung posting it on his blog, but you get the idea…that’d be weird if the founding fathers had a blog) I ask you…does it sound to you like the founding fathers are all that concerned about a separation of church and state?



Note: I posted this because it seems to me that Penn Jillette is a very intelligent man who understands something very fundamental about Christianity that most people who call themselves “Christian” do not get. see if you can tell what it is. And also…pray for him.


Sorry for the late post…been super busy…